covering Kent and the South East

Training courses: Workshops

Courses for individuals

  • Moving On
    For divorced and separated individuals
  • Parents Apart
    For divorced and separated parents (can be part of Moving Forward course)
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
    Assertiveness & Self Esteem
  • Riding The Storm
    Skills for parents of teenagers
  • Couples
    Relationship learning before you commit
  • From Partners to Parents
    Relationship skills for parents of children 0-6yrs
  • Parent Mentoring
    Parents supporting one another
  • Peer Mentoring
    Prisoners supporting one another
  • Inside Out
    For prisoners and their partners prior to release
  • Reconnect
    For partners once their partner has returned home from prison
  • Prisoners and their Children
    For partners of prisoners caring for children
  • Together Apart
    For long term prisoners and their partners

Courses for professionals

  • First Impressions
    Telephone skills for front line staff
  • Counselling skills for non Counsellors
  • Managing Stress
  • Supporting Families
    Skills for working in the Community
  • Looking Beyond the Problem
    Solution focussed helping skills for working in the community
  • Understanding Relationships
    The theory of how relationships work

All courses are adapted to meet the needs of the participants.

Schools courses

  • Peer Listening

Schools courses are also available in the following subject areas:

  • Confidentiality, Working with groups, Basic Counselling Skills, Managing Conflict, Self Esteem, Children & Divorce/separation, Sex and Sexuality, First Relationships,